• Status
  • Type
  • Size
  • Team
    Rob Kennon, Monique Woods, Maia Cookson
  • Collaborators
    Smith Builders, Meyer Consulting, Jack Merlo Landscape Designer
  • Photographer
    Derek Swalwell

Basic building elements (floor, walls, rafters etc) were analysed and developed into a suite of repeatable components, deployed across the site in accordance with established datum lines. Thermally efficient, painted brickwork wraps from outside to within and sits in contrast with the warm hues of the cork flooring and American oak ceiling. A continuous palette of materials creates a non-hierarchical backdrop to life within the home, allowing occupation and the use of spaces to evolve with user needs over time. Spaces take on a tectonic quality - characterised by the resolution of material detailing and the craftmanship of construction.

Built form is dispersed within the garden - no more than one room deep - to increase light and ventilation, allow for acoustic separation and reduce the overall mass of the building. What remains is a low-lying dwelling that appears secondary to the garden.


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